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Full Version: Import save between pcsx2 1.0 and 1.1
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I downloaded the last version of pcsx2 hoping it will solve the bug I have, but I'm desperately trying to make my save works on the latest version.
I tried to copy/paste my 1.0 memory card in the 1.1 location, but my save isn't detected by the game.
I also tried to change my 1.1 memory card folder to the 1.0 one in the 1.1. settings, but it also didn't recognized my save.
Have you the answer to this problem ?

Thanks in advance.
You need to change which memory card is "inserted" by going to config -> memory cards
Well, I found what was wrong, actually, there were 2 folders of memcards for the same pcsx2 and I have chosen the wrong one.
So everything is ok now, thanks !