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Full Version: Final Fantasy XII menu lag
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So I tried every possible setting (8bit texture off for menu), Game works perfectly most of the time at 2x scaling but on menu(30-35) and when using mist,esper and on cutscenes(45-50fps).

On other games but FFXII it runs smoothly with 2x or 3x scaling, but I really want to play FFXII with at least 2x Sad
Will buying a stronger video card help? or maybe my CPU is just not enough(only dual core, only supports SSE2, 2.90Ghz)

My specs: AMD Athlon II X2 245 Processor (2 CPUs) 2.9Ghz
2048MB RAM
NVidia Geforce 210

Thank you Smile
unfortunately, that part of FFXII is very demanding.
both your GPU & CPU won't be up to the tas, unfortunately.
Even just at least 2x scaling? Sad
I guess I'd have to buy a new CPU and GPU.

I've had the same problem... (even worse cpu: Intel® Core™2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz but much better gpu)

I set EE cycle to 2 and VU Cycle stealing to 1.
I am not sure if these are the best settings but they work nicely for me.

Also I am using mtvu even if I only have two cores... Don't ask me why but I get 5fps more..
Wow, thanks! Pretty sure I tried those but I probably mixed it with other settings lol got 5+ fps more.
Also instead of Native, I set my resolution to custom then input my PC resolution(but lowered it by 10 percent) now it runs perfectly!
Not really much difference from 2x scaling so I'm perfectly great with it.
With the +5fps I got to set my res higher~ Thanks again Smile