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Full Version: Help how to limit max fps!
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Hello there!
First time poster here(btw I used search but found no answer).
So i have an E6750 , Asus EN8800GT 512MB, 4GB RAM XP PRO X64 and my games run very fast on the emulator (GOOD JOB!). My question is how do i limit the max fps for PAL(50 fps) and NTSC (60 fps). Can`t use the VSync option because the refresh rate is set to 75HZ on my monitor .. i use window mode(maximized) and the games are out of sync.

I use the GSdx 890 (15.00 SSE3) graphic plugin but i can`t find any max fps option there (i think that there is where it should be ?)
the it under config->cpu. Smile
Indeed. Try to TRY that thing first before came for useless question. Word advice.
Thank you very much. I didn`t search for such a thing on my old PC because of the poor performance. This is the first time i try to run pcsx2 on my new PC and didn`t know about it. Anyway thanx again. Now everything seems to be OK.