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Full Version: Help with error
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The game starts to run but when it comes the introduction occurs an error.
See in the image
[Image: erropscx2.jpg]
Ok ... so you want us to guess EVERYTHING from the game you started, the config, plugins and version you used ... to the hardware setup of ur pc ... thats nice

seriously ... we need some info here

but i suggest you start by getting ur dx up to date
Then there is the emulator and the settings of the computer

[Image: configt.jpg]
[Image: cpuv.jpg]
[Image: grafic.jpg]
[Image: configuraes.jpg]

More informations ask me.
Well ur emu is heavyly outdated....

What you need:
Basic Pack
svn snapshot
gsdx 0.1.14
SPU2-X 1.10


Its importand that you delete ur memcard files and reformat em with ur bios when you use the updated emu version.
Well the stop error occurs so that now when it start to play Dragon Ball is very slow as I try to make the character move, and I should not because my computer is very good and has the recommended requirements to run the emulator
hmmm ... dont forget to activate the speed hacks ^^

but maybe you got one of those games that are unhappy with newer gsdx versions

you can try those 2