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Full Version: Killer 7: i can´t shoot the man behind the angel, first mission
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I been having a problem with Killer 7, in a part close to end the first stage or mission, my shots can´t hit someone i need to, like in this video:


i tried to do the same, but there isn´t any reaction, nothing i can do, only shoting and shoting but no impact.

i tried reset but after getting in the same place, same problem.

i tried to read guides but looks like i did everything i can, the only reported problem like i heard, is on the Dolphin emulator, people couldn´t shot the Heaven Smiles, the normal enemys (i can), and also i can´t turn back on that room.

i have Windows 7 x64 and the latest pcsx2 emulator.
Try changing the EEIOP and VU's clamping modes and rounding modes.
i tried those combinations, but nothing, the only thing happened is the textures of the characters dissapear for a short time when Clamping and rounding are turned off.
Try software mode too, although I doubt this will help. It's worth a shot.
It worked, Thank you!
(02-16-2014, 08:47 PM)LuizPSC Wrote: [ -> ]It worked, Thank you!

Glad I could help.

Just to clarify what helped it? Clamping modes? Rounding modes or software mode?
Only Sofware mode, the long shot richocheted and hit the coin.
Yeah keep in mind there are various targeting issues with this game in GSdx hardware renderers. Even with normal enemies, shooting their weak points is much harder than normal in hardware mode than in software mode. Just a heads up