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Full Version: Switching between frame limiting too fast
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When I switch between Frame Limiting (F4 or TAB in the new SVN) or between Save States (F2) the emulator skips 2 settings ahead.

For example, I'm currently in save state 0 but when I press F2 I go from 0 to 1 to 2, in stead of just to 1.

What could this be? I'm pretty sure that some SVNs didn't have this problem neither did the last playground iirc.
are you using two different Pad Plugins?
I don't know why is the main culprit but if you use LilyPad and the plugin for the second controller isn't LilyPad too that will happen.It doesn't happen if:
1.LilyPad is set as plugin for both controllers
2.The first controller is different plugin than LilyPad
3.The plugin for the second controller may be other plugin(not LilyPad)and the first to be LilyPad but the setting for LilyPad for Keyboard API must be Raw Input(XP only)

So to fix this problem just select the LilyPad plugin for both controllers.
Excellent, that was it. I was using PadSSSPSX and lillypad
Thanks guys