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Full Version: pcsx2 need (( are you sure to overwrite )) question
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hello again

we are all ready knew that in the system menu you will find savestate choice is after

loadstate choice

and when i am in hurry sometimes

I sometimes make a big mistakes

with these two choices

and instead of load an important previous savestate I overwrite on it by mistake

so ..... please

can anyone give this Q ability to pcsx2 to prevent any mistakes in future like mine?
savestates are backed up.
if yopu make a mistake, just delete your savestate and rename the backup
Or press SHIFT-F3 which loads the backup.
do like i do and make copies of your savestates, then if you do make a mistake you can just replace the ones in the sstates folder with the backups

just remember that they often won't work on newer revisions of pcsx2, so it's always wise to use you memory cards when you can Smile

i use the ui (start screen) to load or save the savestates, but yep i know what you mean