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Full Version: FFXII issue with stealling
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ok so I started playing FFXII a few days ago and its been running fine, until I got to the Giza planes with Vaan. For some unknown reason every time I try and steal from a creature the graphic's freeze. The audio and everything still runs but all AI and graphics stop. just wondering if there is anyway to fix this.

BTW im playing the NTSC version

my specs are
Intel i5 quad core possessors
8gb of Ram
NVidia GeForce GTX 645
Please provide the emulog.txt after it freezes.
stealing is bad... uh, sorry just could not help the bad pun.

do you use any cheat to this game by chance or did it before?

If yes you could try going to the nearest save point and saving at memcard. quit the emulator completely, reload from that memcard save and do a sstate immediately. Try it and report the results.