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Full Version: Obscure Collection Flickering Textures
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Obscure [SLUS-207.77]
Obscure II (Aftermath) [SLUS-217.09]

On the newest Dev builds, the game has flickering textures. The builds around Aug 2013 didn't have this issue if I remember correctly.
Try pressing F9
Trying to get a fix for hardware. Software is fine.
moved to plugins section, then.
So I went back and used a 2012 version of pcsx2 and the problem is still there in hardware mode. I could have sworn I didn't see this before but I could be wrong. I may have gotten mixed up memory for when I tested the old pc versions. Unless I had different EE or VU options checked, this may be a false alarm ( I dunno ) Tongue Back when I compared pc vs ps2 for this game, I had a different machine. That could be it but I doubt it. I'll just let it be known in the already existing thread in the public compatibility section if there isn't a solution besides software.
You should keep the core the same and switch GSdx plugins (also try different flavors like SSE2 or SSE4) in case you can trace when it started
I think it might have been a false alarm. I may have gotten mixed up with the dolphin or pc version. Disregard because i see even in 0.9.7 that it has the same problem on ppl's youtube vids.