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Full Version: Difference between i5 4670k and I7 4770 k
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Hi, sorry for my english. I have a question. There is a difference between i5 4670k and I7 4770 k about the performance of Pcsx 2 (fps,ecc). I would to play with high resolution, AA very high,Af, ecc and i have a geforce 770 gtx 4gb. How many fps i can earn with I7 4770k compared to i5 4670k ?. Thank you
not much difference. both are overkill for pcsx2. u will get full speed with either of them.
go for i5 because it will be cheaper.
those aa or high res depends mostly on your gpu and u have a super one. no prblm to play the games.
No real difference. Both are quad-cores, the only difference with the i7 is that it has Hyper-Threading enabled, which allows it to spawn off 1 virtual thread per core, so you get 4 cores and 8 threads total. The virtual threads don't offer anywhere near as much throughput as the real cores do. Moreover, PCSX2 by its default nature is a dual-threaded program, as in it really mainly runs on two cores. It runs on three if you use MTVU hack, but not all games benefit from that, which is why it's called a hack.

Software mode can benefit extra threads, but on most games there are diminishing returns past a certain number of threads, so the extra $100 for the i7 is not worth it for PCSX2. Get the i5 instead.
I have an i5 4670k and I can run pretty much any pcsx2 game easily. The 4770 is more powerful because it has hyper threading but honestly you don't need it if you're only concern is playing games.
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