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Full Version: Ubuntu 13.04 64 bits crash
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Situation :
Ubuntu 13.04 64bits up-to-date.
Build : pcsx2-unstable_5826-3_i386.deb

Using OpenGL Hardware renderer. Native resolution.
Game : Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix (NTSC-J)

Crash on : Selecting "New Game", when I press 'O' button.

Message :

/build/buildd/pcsx2.snapshot-5826/common/src/Utilities/Linux/LnxHostSys.cpp(64) : assertion failed:
    Function:  void SysPageFaultSignalFilter(int, siginfo_t*, void*)
    Thread:    MTGS
    Condition: false
    Message:   Unhandled page fault @ 0x00000000

[00] 0x0xf77cf410                                
[01] GSTextureOGL::Update(GSVector4i const&, void const*, int)
[02] GSTextureCache::Source::Flush(unsigned int)
[03] GSTextureCache::Source::Update(GSVector4i const&)
[04] GSTextureCache::LookupSource(GIFRegTEX0 const&, GIFRegTEXA const&, GSVector4i const&)
[05] GSRendererHW::Draw()                        
[06] GSState::FlushPrim()                        
[07] void GSState::ApplyTEX0<0>(GIFRegTEX0&)    
[08] void GSState::GIFRegHandlerTEX0<0>(GIFReg const*)
[09] void GSState::Transfer<3>(unsigned char const*, unsigned int)
[10] GSgifTransfer                              
did you try stable 1.2.2? I guess I need to update ppa again Tongue2
Oh, I'll do that I get back to you. Thanks !