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Full Version: Final fantasy 12 freezes
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Hi, im new to this forum etc, etc. I have no idea if this was here before, but i have a little problem with ff12 on my pc. Game works fine for first couple of minutes, actualy it would work for hours if i would run around the circle and did not go for the first boss in tutorial. Whenever i fight the first commander and go for boss, it freezes when the boss ( cant remember the name, call him boss) uses his big/ultimate attack. it charges it, and once he fires it, the game just freeze! no way of doing anything about it. Im not expert at pcsx2 so i didn't play a lot with it in options, tried like 2-3 different settings from the best quality etc, to the worst. And all is the same.

Please help me, i would apprieciate. If you want i can give you my pc specs, if this will help in any way shape or form.

Thank you! Eryk.
Let the THC be with you!
Wiuld be nice to share your emulog.txt, please.
I hope this is what you wanted me to share. Wink
Until you can prove us you actually own 7 PS2s, i'll close this for piracy.
Oh, and while you're at it. Try to prove you own the game too Tongue2.