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Full Version: SLI compatable?
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Ill be upgrading to sli in a day or 2, once my new psu gets here, and I was woundering if pcsx2 is sli compatable without having to force the nvidia 16x aa in the cp. ( I was reading that this is a workaround for games that are older and werent built for 2 vid cards)
If so is there any special options/plugins I have to enable/use? And how much of a performance boost will I get?
No it only supports 1 GPU, so you do have to force it in the control panel. Hardly any performance boost.
Hmm, well performance boost isnt too important, unless it actually allows me to run at 16x aa at 60 fps ( currently i dip to low 30's high 20's with 16x aa on).

Now, if I am forcing 16x from the cp, I dont have to set the aa on the emulator right?
Well GSdx sets it internally so you can't really turn it off. In the control panel you can set to "Enhance" the apps current AA, although it just seems to do exactly the same thing as forcing, but both giving improvements.

Alternatively, you could just set GSdx's internal res really high, like 4000 or over if your cards support it. You'll just have to test whether that that works as well as or better than forcing AA.
IMO, the AFR/SFR modes don't work too well. If you want to go the SLI route, use http://www.nhancer.com/ and set pcsx2.exe to use SLI AA 16/32x. That card of his won't support large internal res easily unfortunately; 256mb is not a lot of memory when you start working with extremely large textures and add high levels of AA on top of that.
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