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Full Version: [Help] Tales Of The Abyss
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Got a new game in this PS2 game
Tales Of The Abyss, its like TOD2 on PS1

So as far I am playing this scene or tutorial of how for you to combat is good, then I am done with the last part, the screen will turn black after some chit-chat..

And there it goes, nothing more happen, as in no more to come, so I am wondering why? Is there a problem on my PCSX2? Or some of my emulation settings?

Anyone have the same problem? Help please Smile
Dont use savestates, load from memcard.
And disable all speedhacks.
Ok sir I will try that
Wow it really works! Thanks a bunch sir admin Wink
Another problem here on Tales Of The Abyss, everytime I am done on random battle on world map the PCSX2 crashed >.<

Here is the emuLog again..
same advice as before...
Oh great, so in this case I won't use speedhacks on emulation settings >.<
Kakaka oki doki boss! Wink
Gonna try that again! Woot!
jesalvein Wrote:same advice as before...

Awesome! No crashed happened! Ok then no speedhacks on this game Wink