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Full Version: SSMVG : Freezes after loading
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I need help trying to play Spongebob Squarepants movie video game.
I tried ALMOST everything, setting round modes to different settings, tried using the most compatible settings but still not working. Help?
Which version of pcsx2? What gpu driver (Catalyst version or mesa version)? What does the terminal output and/or emulog say during the freeze? Tried hardware and software mode?
Well as listed in the compatibility list. It doesn't work. Not much you can do.
PCSX2 Version 1.1.0 svn Feb 2014
It doesn't say anything..
tried both, even zzogl 0.4 and 0.3
Here's a few things you can try. First, use the latest stable 1.2.2 version regardless. Many things were fixed in the stable version.

Then you need to do some experimentation. Mesa is more compatible, but slower. So you can try that to see if the freezing is a driver problem. Example: when I had my AMD card installed, I was playing Dragon Quest 8. With Catalyst, the game would freeze when I would try to leave the church in the first town but hardware mode GSdx ran full speed. With mesa (minimum version 10.0+), it ran at 40fps but it didn't freeze Pick your poison.

Other suggesions...update to the latest AMD Catalyst driver (at your own risk).

If all else fails, go with Nvidia. It's faster and it much more compatible.
Nvidia or amd, that wont change this game doesnt work with pcsx2 yet.