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Full Version: Icon for PCSX2XQuartz or PCSX2/MAC
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well... I figured I could use giantmike's article on How to Create OS X Icons (with Gimp) and also this image I found by pure chance when I was actually looking to see if anyone had done it already (and thankfully not). anyhow, here are the previews:

[Image: pcsx2-play.jpg]

[Image: pcsx2-play-more.jpg]

well... there you have... hope you like it.
can you make some for windows?
.ico for windows users...

the icon file was done using this tutorial, the file shows up just fine in both Finder and explorer.

EDIT: I had to put screenshots of the windows icon too:

[Image: winico.jpg]
Hey thanks for the icon, keep up the good work.
Hi there I've done something when the project started for mac with Ps/Ai.

You can download here on deviant art an icon for mac in 512px large.

how to:
1: on the deviant art page click download (top left)
2: unzip the zip ^^
3: click on the Pcsx2 for mac.icns and then command+i
4: open in another finder the PCSX2 folder
5: click on the pcsx2 app and command+i
6: with the 2 windows opened from the command+i short cut click on the "Pcsx2 for mac icon" and command+c then click on the app icon and command+v
7: that's it, enjoy Wink

[Image: pcsx2.png]

8: If you wonder what is the "Pcsx2 for mac.app" in the folder, it's a simple hello world app that's allows you to check what it looks like on your dock ^^
Looking good. Smile I like the icons.
good icons kiu Smile