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Full Version: 1:1 Scaleing
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Hello. I am a noob here. I have read most of the faq but trying to find out if there is any way to get the display output to run in a native (1:1) resolution? I see on the game window menu bar a resolution mode (640x448, and another game, 512x448) I'm assuming that this is the native resolution of the game being played? If so, how can the emulator lock onto that resolution without having to re size the window?

Also, where do those black lines on my display come from, and how do I get them to go away?
I think you can not, in internal 3d3 res for gsdx plugin, we can set manually to 512x512 and can not below than that.
just set "native" resolution in the internal res panel, resize the window and you'll have it Wink