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Full Version: FFXII: possible to double the framerate?
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I own the game, and have since its release in 2007. Here is proof:


I have two questions.

1. Do the EU and NA (PAL/NTSC) versions run at different frame rates (ie. 50 vs 60). I have the EU version, and 25fps is bothering me quite a bit. Wondering if the NA version will run at a slightly higher frame rate (30).

2. Is there a way to double the frame rate or remove the double framing. Obviously it's not running at 50/60. Is there a way I can get the game to legitimately run at 50 or 60 frames per second without frame doubling? This is not a hardware problem, I am running this game at 3x native with a GTX 780 and i5 3570k overclocked to 4.4ghz.

I am guessing there's no way to get actual 50/60fps with this game and I'll just have to put up with 50 double framed to 25.
But it doesn't change the fact that you have downloaded it.
Just make an ISO image of your game and delete the downloaded one, we can help you then.
Oh, and use Imgburn.
I've gone ahead and extracted the ISO with imgburn from my own copy (or rather am in the process. It will take like 20 minutes).

edit: oh you've beat me to it. Sorry if I sound like an ass hole. I would of done this in the first place if I knew it was so easy.
Easier, quicker, safer, and on top of it : legal
Warning removed
Good. Now onto your question. Full speed for PAL games is 50 FPS and 60 FPS for NTSC. I don't know what you mean by 'frame doubling', supposing you did not mess with PCSX2's frame limiting settings, you should be getting full speed constantly with that rig. Care to elaborate more as to what is the actual problem?
Ah yes. From my understanding, PAL means games run at 50Hz correct? I read somewhere that FFXII is double framed (ie. every frame is repeated twice) to fulfil 50hz. This means the games actual frame rate is 25fps. I imagine it's the same for the NTSC 60Hz version which is probably running at 30fps.

My game runs at a solid 50fps all the time, as my hardware can easily handle it even at 3x native. However, as stated, 50fps is only 25fps double framed in this case.

I want to get the game running at 60fps. Either 60fps/60Hz or 60fps/120Hz. Or since this is the PAL version, 50fps/50hz or 50fps/100hz. I want to do this at normal game speed without making the game run at double speed.

I don't think either of these things are possible, but that's what I wanted to ask. I am so used to playing games at 60 or even 120fps that it's extremely jarring to my eyes to be forced to play at 30fps or lower. That being said, I could eventually get used to it (as I have played and completed FFXII and FFX on the PS2 at standard fps several times in the past).
I know this kind of patch exists for Kingdom hearts, but never heard of it for ffXII.
Could be worth asking devina, though...
Is Devina the author of that patch?

Also, two more questions.

1. Does the NTSC version run at 30fps in comparison to 25fps for the PAL version?
2. Is there a way to fix the inverted camera for FFXII. The controller config doesn't seem to specify left/right or up/down when allocating buttons. It just distinguishes between x/y, which means I can't reverse the inputs that way. And FFXII doesn't have an in-game option to remove the inverted camera (I would really like to know which genius decided that would be a good idea. Would take literally 5 minutes to implement). I've been playing Dark Souls 1/2 a lot lately, hence why inverted feels so weird.

edit: The game does look rather spectacular at 6x native. Still runs at a constant 50. Too bad the double framing makes me want to sit far away from the screen in order to play it comfortably. http://i.imgur.com/Lwmkp6m.jpg?1
edit2: I disabled frame limiting. It ran between 100-150fps at 1920x1080 custom resolution. Now if only I could get it to run at normal speed... (including the music).

I looked into the method outlined in this thread http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Kingdom-H...60fps-hack. Unfortunately, the RAM addresses used are exclusive to Kingdom Hearts so I can't apply that half speed modifier to FFXII.
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