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Full Version: FF12, Optimum settings, decent rig
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Hello there,
I've never gotten around to messing with Ps2 emulators but the need for a jrpg is killing me.
I have an i5 2500k, oc'd to 4.2ghz, and a geforce 660.
I just dont know which options to tweak or even where.
Any suggestions?
on a 24" Asus monitor, 1920x1080 by default.
I may output to TV if I get it smooth.
You should do very well with that rig. Even more so in a easy to emulate game like FF12.

Do these things for optimal playing experience:

System->Enable Widescreen hacks

Config->Emulation Settings

GS Window Tab: Set Aspect Ratio to 16:9, Check the last two boxes

Speedhacks Tab: Enable MTVU

Config->Video->Plugin Settings

Set DirectX11 Hardware. Set 3x native resolution. Enable Anisotropic filtering, and set 16x. Fully check texture filtering(not blobbed).

Optional: Enable hardware hacks, click configure by that, and set 4x MSAA at the top.(Might cause slow down during Quickenings if you do this)
Blyss beat me to it, But there is a wiki that holds this information, I try to keep it up to date as i play and test games.

DX9 (you should use gsdx AVX) fixes transparency issues in recent Nvidia Drivers (all reflective textures are missing), gsdx Alpha Hack makes the game run a lot faster but causes minor issues with the minimap markers.

I can run the game in fullspeed 1280x1080 on my mobile i7 Sandy Brige with everything under hardware mode settings checked. (GT555M).

There seems to be no workaround for the rare shadow problems in cutscenes.
@hellbringer616 I notice the Wiki speedhacks section for this game has two entries on VU cycle stealing:

Quote: EE CycleRate: Speed ups very depending on setting, Seems to effect FMV's and causes skipping if set too high.
VU Cycle Stealing Seems to have no effect.
INTC Sync Hack: No noticeable speed up, no issues.
Wait Loop Detection: Large speedup, no issues.
mVU Flag Hack: Small speed up, no issues.
VU Cycle Stealing: Noticeable speedup if using notch 2 or higher, No noticeable side effects.
MTVU: Noticeable Speed up on tricore and higher

I'd fix it myself but I don't know which of those is correct.
Fixed! sorry about that. That was residual from the one i copied it from, as FFXII didn't have the speed hack formats i put my edits in (if you ever want to know if i've wrote the wiki page, look for that Tongue)
(07-06-2014, 05:10 PM)Blyss Sarania Wrote: [ -> ]Set DirectX11 Hardware. Set 3x native resolution. Enable Anisotropic filtering, and set 16x. Fully check texture filtering(not blobbed).
Thanks. I had played around and set it to similar.
Only issue is wheres the Anisotropic filtering? Do I need to set that via the Nvidia panel?

I had msaa x8 and the super move Basch did in the beginning seemed fine. I havent played this in ages, so I'm guessing that was a Quickening.
There was a little ghosting in the first few automated fights. Not sure if that was intentional or not. Usually Blur scenes like that get me motion sick, so I hope that was a one off.
I inverted the right analog, thank god, I remember that being a headache in the original. Debating to swap X/O but I'll wait a bit.
I'm playing the patched Zodiac one and the L1 for fast forward, is it normally supposed to be THAT fast? Or a side effect of emulator? And is it supposed to be fast forward only while held or toggled? Currently its a toggle and that seems awkward.

So far the only oddities is I've encountered some sound issues, delays, slowed down, then clears up. I would figure I'd have video issues if anything.

Also any way to sharpen the text? Theres the only thing that seemed a bit odd to me.
Sound issues can be fixed with async mix audio mode. In advanced Gsdx Hacks settings I use only the first two check boxes (Alpha (causes minor minimap issues but large speedup) and Half Pixel Offset). Agressive CRC removes some effects but I think the game looks better with this setting off. The flicker filter should be disabled in the in-game settings.

DX11 hardware will cause heavy glitches with latest overhead-reduced Nvidia drivers later in the game (all reflective textures are missing, especially visible in Stillshire of Miriam entrance area), so I recommend using DX9.
Yea, the cutscenes had a crazy ghosting, like bad 3D glasses effect. I had to enable Alpha to make it disappear.
I'll play around with 11 and 9. So far it feels fine.
^ Oh as for anisotropic filtering I think you need to be using a GIT build, as it was added since 1.2.1, my bad.
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