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Full Version: Not getting sound in spu2-x plugin
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hi i am having pcsx2 1.2.1 . I am playing naruto shippuden ultimate ninja 5(europe version) , whenever i boot the iso spu2 system says ''failed to create mastering voice x08889000f '' .I tried every thing changed xaudio to direct and every thing i could possibly do. i AM really fed up now . Every time it says failed creating mastering voice...

I am having windows 8 64 bit.
intel core i7 extreme 3.4 ghz
nvidia gtx 690 4 gb edition
16.5 gb ram.

please any help faaassttt!!!
please post the emulog.txt
Generally this happens when it can't detect an active audio output. Are you using analog audio or HDMI? Is this device you are using set as default in Windows?