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Full Version: FFX Lulu overdrive problem
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YES! i saw other posts on this kind of problem and they didnt help me.. My problem is: I want to play with my xbox controller, but i'd like to perform this turbo decently, so i said "ehya! why dont use TWINPAD?? SEEMS PERFECT.." well f**k me, i noticed twinpad works only for keyboard and mouse and i cant use combo... so.. my question is:
there is a way to load 2 pad plugin (lilypad and twinpad for example) and make them work toghether? (for example i bind the lulu overdrive combo on NUMPAD 5, but i play with xbox pad, and i just use the numpad 5 when i need it for lulu turbo?)
otherwise, there is some kind of trick/smthing that could help me get over this hell-ish 6 spell record? LoL
I'd like to have it work properly without use that combo cause it's something like CHEATING, and i dont like it... But on the other hand is unfair to have this kind of issue where you "can't" make more than 6 rotation (even if you actually did 75-thousand rotation and your pad is on hellfire-mode like ifrit)...
Thanks in advance!
i was never able to get past 5 or 6 on ps2 or pcsx2, for lulu OD its why i never really like her OD either.
Yeah, Lulu's OD is pretty useless too, since each spell is automatically set to like 1/4 normal strength. So 4 "spells" in her overdrive = 1 normal one. I was never able to get more than 6 on the real PS2 either.
Hmm.. i feel i was strange, i can't get past 6 on PCSX2, but i know i've gotten 9 on a PS2. I thought it was a glitch with PCSX2 or Pokopom, guess I'm just rusty Tongue

Also doesn't LilyPad support multiple key bindings?