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Full Version: Boot screen same as ps2 machine
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nice to know that there is such a forum.
I wonder how I can get the boot screen exactly the same
as the original PS2.
What do you mean ?
What do you get when performing a full boot ?


I want the emulator to start up with this screen, just
like the ps2 machine.

Config->CDVD->No Disc
System->Boot CDVD(full)
Thanks, it works.
(08-18-2014, 08:42 AM)Blyss Sarania Wrote: [ -> ]Config->CDVD->No Disc
System->Boot CDVD(full)

This will not show exactly what he want...he want(according to the video)after the bios mini video to see the PlayStation logo before starting the game.

Just run the game as you normally do but rather than using Boot CDVD(fast),you should use Boot CDVD(full).
Keep in mind that if the game you are trying to load is different region than your bios,the game will not be loaded(in those cased you should use fast boot)