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Full Version: can´t run games
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Hello. I have problem . I try to start the game but it shovs me this

after that the start menu will start up but I can only see that mem cards 1 and 2 are empty. I really dont know what to do....
Are you running pcsx2 as administrator? Either that or if you are running an iso, it might be damaged. I have the same problem trying to run Grandia Xtreme (system.cnf not found).
thanks I will try another game.
and what about rom 2 not found and erom not found?? is it cause by damaged iso too?
no that would be some files (that would make your bios complete) but they can be left out (you can add them if you want full compatibility Smile {they should be where you dumped your bios(have to be renamed)} Smile)
renamed to what?
rom1 to rom1.bin, and rom2 to rom2.bin (probably also erom to erom.bin {quite some time since i have done it})
oh there is only rom1 rom2 and erom aren´t thereOhmy
well try redumping your bios and see if they're there. Smile
I am sorry baut how to redumpimg??

and this is screen of my bios
Where did you get those files?
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