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Full Version: Doubled Speed Button ?
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yesterday i livestreamed some Kingdom hearts Final mix, and on 1 point i had twice the normal speed. After going into windowmode and back to fullscreen fixed it, i just wonder if there is a key to do so i maybe pressed


3:45 you see me running
pressing either tab or f4 will increase the speed. F4 disables the framelimiter so the game will run as fast as your hardware will allow and tab will enable turbo which allows the game to run up to a certain limit that is defined under emulation settings. By default that value is 200%, so if your hardware allows the game will run up to 2x normal speed.
ahhh xD now i know, i alt+tabbed out of the game 2-3 times before this happened xd
Yeah, that explains things.
Thank U Nobbs, this is useful information. Unsure
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