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Full Version: MGS3 and X box 360 controller
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Anyone have experience playing metal gear solid 3 with a 360 controller? I know the buttons aren't pressure sensitive so things like aiming without shooting apparently aren't possible. Anything else that puts a 360 controller at a disadvantage? I suppose I could find a a cheap dual shock 2 if I needed to...
what if you use pokopom pad plugin ?
You can also try and rebind the buttons to use the triggers for shooting, it it works pretty well if you can get used to it.

Here are my binds:
PS2<-> 360

everything else normal.

That way you use the LT to aim (first person) and RT to fire. Sensitivity/Deadzone need to be adjusted a bit but that a matter of taste.
Works the same way as on the PS2: press RT only a bit to aim with the gun, all the way to shoot or relase it slowly to put it away.