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Full Version: 1.0.0 echoing sound
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I know there has been a few posts on sound choppiness and lag during cutscenes, but a lot of posts reference to windows, linux, or an older version of the mac pcsx2 so after hours of reading and searching, I thought I would just ask (and try not to look like an idiot lol). I do realise that the farthest PCSX2-CE reasonably goes is Lion and that I am running Mavericks, but everything seems to be running quite smoothly otherwise. Just this one audio thing.

Mac OS X 10.9.2
Processor: 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX 1024MB

Here are a few examples:

-Kingdom Hearts I: Cut scene FPS consistantly around 60, but sound echos, like singing in a round every few seconds, and there is a scratchy clicking noise. In actual game play, the audio is perfectly fine.

-Okami: Same echoing, repeating audio and FPS go from 60 to 30 and don't return to 60 during gameplay. Audio is also clippy and echoed throughout actual game play as well.

-Katamari Damaci: Perfect. There was clipping before I formatted the internal memory storage, and after it seemed to fix itself (who knows why). The other games continued to have the audio problem.

-Disgaea: Hour of Darkness: Perfect as far as I can tell. Haven't had any issues so far.

These were all run from .iso files I created from my discs. All isos are NTSC and I am running in NTSC bios.

I have tried a variety of speedhacks combinations, which have neither improved nor deteriorated the situation. I am using the SPU2 of ZeroSUP2, with none of the boxes checked (though I have tried variations of the checked boxes, to no avail). I tried to use the SPU2-x-r5350 and configure in those settings (when it would allow me), but it seemed to make things a lot worse no matter what combo I tried (e.g. Direct Sound, Async Mix, etc etc).

The GS is GSdx32-avx-r5350 and I have gone down the list with no change, except when I tried ZeroGS and having things grow 100% worse across the board.

I've tried it with Vsync on, which has fixed a small video flickering during Kingdom Hearts cut scenes, but this has not affected the audio in any way.

I've uploaded an example video of how it sounds in Kingdom Hearts here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiHjAZg9...e=youtu.be

If there are any specific settings I'm doing wrong or tips you think I should be following, please feel free to let me know. Otherwise, it looks like I'll just be playing Katamari and rolling along until more improvements are made on the beta haha. Thanks for your help, guys!
Sounds to me like your pc is struggling... If your fps get below 60 fps the sound will become choppy...
Normally setting async mix should solve the problem. At least if the output is close to 60 fps.

What are your EE% and GS% readings during choppy sounds?
(09-09-2014, 10:16 PM)willkuer Wrote: [ -> ]Sounds to me like your pc is struggling... If your fps get below 60 fps the sound will become choppy...
Normally setting async mix should solve the problem. At least if the output is close to 60 fps.

What are your EE% and GS% readings during choppy sounds?

I'm on a mac, and there are other games that I've tried slightly under 60fps and don't have an issue with sound. The video isn't lagging, just the sound. I've seen that async mix should solve the problem, but it doesn't as I've found that anything other than ZeroSUP2 on Mavericks doesn't play nicely.

My EE% and GS% readings are consistently both 0 through all games at all points. Haven't seen it register as anything else. Not sure what they're supposed to ideally be though.
I've managed to make it work with the beta (even though with the same sound config used in beta taken to 1.0.0, it still doesn't work), so I'll just be using that! Thanks for your help though. You can go ahead and close this.
Well it's a complicated combination that you are using there...
EE and GS should normally show the load of these two components... That they are constantly 0 never happened to me. That such fundamental stuff is not working properly makes it even more complicated.

It could be that your cpu is using intel speedstep and is dynamically downclocking to save some power. This often leads to fluctuations of fps and could explain your synchronization loss. Is there something like cpu-z for mac to check the clock of your cpu?

Next possibility is that you have read-lags. It is not highly probable but maybe the disk you are using for the iso has a large access time. With that amount of RAM you could create a RAMDISK to overcome such problems. (I assume this exists for MAC).

But in the end you might just have problems with the compatibility/portability layer of pcsx2-ce and you will never solve this. In this case I would recommend a dualboot system and run pcsx2 natively on windows.

Btw. if you have constantly 60 fps - is that due to speedhacks (especially slider) or do you achive this without speedhacks?