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Full Version: Shadow Hearts
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Hello everyone Smile
I have a few questions about emulating Shadow Hearts on PCSX2.
I see on youtube that a lot of people are able to play this game on hardver mode now,including the pcsx2 youtube channel.
I tried all kind of settings and different versions of PCSX2 but it always goes to 35 FPS and that's that. I suspect that the problem is that my graphic card is ATI.
I don't have problems with other games on PCSX2,it works perfectly and it's nice to play some of my favourite PS2 games on it,expect this one.
If someone has ATI card and is able to play this game could they write here.

Here are my specs :

Intel i5 2500k OC 4.3
ATI Radeon 6970 HD Sapphire edition 2 GB

Thank you all for reading this,and I hope that in the end there will be solution for this game.
Can you post all of your emulation settings?
I am assuming you mean the first shadow hearts. I have almost the exact system as you. The only way to play this game at full speed (to my knowledge) is software mode. Hardware mode is super slow.
I'll post it later today,but I used the exact settings that are shown in pcsx2 Shadow Hearts video on youtube. Yeah I'm talking about the first Shadow Hearts,there are a lot of people who are able to play it now on hardver mode but from what i have seen they don't have an Ati Radeon card. I think that the problem is the Ati card,but we'll see.