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Full Version: Dark Chronicle freezes at boot
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Hi there,

After testing latest git I see a "new" bug(not present in 1.2.2).
Dark Chronicle(PAL) freezes for a moment at boot, when arriving at language selection screen. When it arrives there it freezes a moment, then the log says that EE request reboot and IOP realtime kernel V2.1 is loaded(as opposed to 0.9.1 at first). Then, everything runs normally.
(happens with or without hack, gsdx software/hardware opengl and zzogl. I use ps3 gamepad, but it happens also with keyboard/mouse.

System Spec:
ArchLinux x86_64
CPU : intel 2600k
GPU: nvidia gt770
opengl and zzogl

So does it eventually unfreeze and proceed to boot? What gpu driver do you use? What warnings in terminal do you get?
(Gsdx opengl) and (ZZogl)(plugin) yes... I know both are based on opengl, thank you...
Nvidia blob latest.
Happens also on Intel hd 4000 with latest mesa stable(10.3.X)
No terminal warning, only the trace in the log, EE request reboot, IOP load its newer kernel(seems newer from revision number)... But I don't know where it is found... After the "reboot" happens in the logs, the game runs yes, and it works fine. But the freeze lasts for a good while.
It's not related to the gpu I think... It's cpu(boot?) code that one I would think. It seems wrong kernel is requested or loaded at first. How do you handle firmware loading? The ps2 has multiple kernels version ready? Or it's included with the game when needed(for older version)? How it handles the firmware loading itself?
I try with the bios from my old FAT ps2 and from my slim. Does not change anything either.