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Full Version: A little guidance?
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I am trying to get the bios off my slim ps2. I have little technical knowledge but am following steps one by one.
I have all the necessary tools in the guide, http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Guide-to-...s-over-LAN
but when I unpack MemcardExploit.rar all I get is this file:
Also Do I need to follow all the programs in
just to prepare the mem card exploit?

I also have Datel Action Replay disc.
What are my options or easiest way?
Are you wanting to dump your BIOS over LAN or to a usb flashdrive. I would personally just find a way to boot into Ulaunchelf and then run the BIOSDUMP-MASS.elf

that will automatically dump the bios to your flashdrive after about a minute. Then just put all of the files that were dumped into pcsx>bios
Yeah that's the easiest way.
" just find a way to boot into Ulaunchelf and then run the BIOSDUMP-MASS.elf "
Could someone elaborate the steps here?
Do I put ulaunchelf program on the flashdrive then put it in the ps2?
Well you need your PS2 softmodded. Like with FMCB. Then use that to run ULE and use ULE to run the BIOS dumper. That's what I did.
So I get a good version of FMCB, use the flash drive to put it on the ps2, then run ULE on ps2, then run BIOS dump.
Is it OK to ask the best sources for these 3 programs?
Since psx-scene.com apparently doesn't exist anymore.
Hmm what happened to PSX Scene? Anyway you can find the things you need here: http://bootleg.sksapps.com/tutorials/fmcb/