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Full Version: Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Remix remove blur/overlay stuck on side?
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URL with a image to the problem since it's too big

The "little" bar on the left, I think it might be caused because blur, searched around forums only to find someone mention there's a patch to remove it for the CRC 0x60A42FF5 but couldn't find it anywhere

These are my video settings
[Image: 72eb02852a.png]

Default emulation settings but:
EE/IOP Clamping mode: Full
VUs Clamping mode: Extra + preserve
MTVU Speedhack
Maybe the issue is coming from the higher resolution. Does the problem show up if you use GSdx in software mode? Also, we're going to need your PCSX2 version and your computer's specs.

P.S. I love that R32 XD
Hardware mode without high res: Still there
Software mode: Not showing up

PCSX2 1.3.0-20140825211436 (I'm not sure about exact revision, was from http://buildbot.orphis.net/)

RAM 8135 MB
Intel® Core™ i5-4670K CPU @ 3.40GHz
Nvidia GTX 760 2GB
Look at the name of the folder where PCSX2 is, it should tell you which revision it is. I think it'll be sufficient if you just give us the short 3-digit number right after the 1.2.1, not the long commit string after that. If the problem is not there in software mode, there might be some hacks you could try to fix it in hardware mode. I'll let someone else help you though, as I'm not too knowledgeable on these issues just yet. Smile

While you wait though, you could try messing with Skipdraw and seeing if that fixes it.
Yeah that's the issue I keep a few pcsx2 folders and rename them to suit one game
Looking at my downlaod history I thinik it was 1.2.1-539

Thanks for the fast replies though Laugh