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Full Version: Is there any information for writing a pad plugin?
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Just wondering if anyone had put together anything on the subject.
I'm planning on writing something that makes FPS games take mouse input the way a PC FPS would.
You mean the same kind of function lilypad already offers ?
I guess you could see on github if lilypad source is available...
Kind of, but not really. You have to fine tune the sensitivity of a game just right to be able to properly control it with a mouse and even then, it's the Resident Evil 4 problem.
What I'm planning on doing is having a plugin that reads mouse input with the proper acceleration you would see on a PC game, and changes the lookAt values in game accordingly, rather than trying to translate it into analog input. The two work differently. Analog relies on being in a position for an amount of time, a mouse works via deltas. It means that, yes, specific settings will have to be made for each game one at a time, but also that you'll have superior control over those games as the settings are made for them.