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Full Version: Final Fantasy X Problem
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I have problem with emulation Final Fantasy X. When I set 4x native resolution and texture filtering I have problem with text in menu and in dialog. It made a lot of lines and ugly pixels. Wacko On the pictures that lines are small but in fullscreen it's really annoying.

1. http://speedy.sh/n4rDy/gsdx-20141018182335.bmp
2. http://speedy.sh/xkFZ8/gsdx-20141018182437.bmp
3. http://speedy.sh/Bfzy5/gsdx-20141018182504.bmp

I tried to disable texture filtering but it made pixelated 2d textures like on 3. pictures.

My question: Do you know any fix, patch or any action to help me with this problem? I can't find thread, whose can help me with this. I hope someone know any way to fix it, because i saw a lot of films on YouTube, where I saw perfect graphic without this problem. Sorry for my english.

Core 2 Duo E8500, Geforce 9800GT, 4GB RAM, Win 7
PCSX2 1.2.1, gsdx 0.1.16, dx10 hardware
No, this is a normal side effect of upscaling. There is nothing you can do.
So you have this problem too? I saw a lot of films on Youtube, where players play with perfect graphic, 1080p, 16:9 hack, 100% speed and without any bugs, glitches etc. They have some lucky?
Yes, I have it. I don't know how you found a video without it, or what that person did, but this is a well known problem for this game:

Edit: I will say that your examples look a bit worse than normal, though. Not sure why. What PCSX2 version?

[Image: yes.png]
Few days ago I tried to disable texture filtering and use this fix http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Custom-Sh...dx?page=24. I tried with all options include bilinear, bicubic and gaussian filtering, but it don't give effects with 2d textures like this clouds on 3. picture.
That link(Custom Shaders) is not designed to fix this issue. It's for improving the graphics in other ways. Any filtering it can do is done by "painting over" compared to the normal texture filter using actual upscaling.
Yeah, i saw different only with generate graphic, not with filtering any textures.