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Full Version: Need Help in getting good fps
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Hello everyone.

I really need help in getting good fps in pcsx2. I am currently using the latest stable build (v1.2.1).
My specs are:
CPU: Intel Core 2 duo E4600 @ 2.40 ghz
Operating system: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
GPU: ATI Radeon HD 4350 1gb edition
my total available memory is 2782 mb and dedicated is 1024mb and system is 0 but shared is 1758mb.
HDD: 2 HDD's one is of 80 gb for all games and 1 is 40 gb for other stuff :3

so I have decent specs but the games I run are getting really low fps with default settings like tony hawk's downhill jam is getting 15 fps and CoD:WaW is getting 5 fps and when people talk it sounds as though they are talking in slow mo XD Anyways so I watched a video on youtube and the settings that guy gave me now give me upto 120fps at main menu and stuff and in gameplay in tony hawk's I get 40fps which is sometimes stable and is playable in my opinion but I get ALOT of graphical glitches and game freezes 5 minutes of playing and after that pcsx2 also crashes. The case with WaW is that in main menu I get around 140fps (awesome right?) but in gameplay I get upto 30fps and the sounds are ok but the game is unplayable and also crashes like downhill jam. I hope someone can help me ^_^

P.S: The both the games I have tried worked perfectly on my ps2 and never hanged or anything and I ripped their iso into my pc.
P.P.S: I will also post my current setting if they are required ^_^
That's quite a weak CPU you have here, so it's not that surprising.
The GPU isn't good either.
care to post screenshots of your settings ?
But people play with a dual core so its kinda better than that :>

Anyways here are the screenshosts:

Hope these help ^_^

BTW I didn't post the game fixes because I didn't change them.
Quote:But people play with a dual core so its kinda better than that :>
That doesn't mean they get playable speeds.

Why did you set D3d9 hardware ? can't you use d3d10 ?
tbh I didn't know which one to use so I just used d3d9 :3 What difference does d3d10 make? and is it more memory or whatever intensive?
It'll use d3d 10 libraries to render graphics.
Since your GPu is compatible, this can bring a little speedboost.

BTW, glitches & crashes are to be expected when using speeedhacks...
So do you have any other solutions other than using d3d10 which is an excellent solution because that gave a good fps boost ^_^
playing on your PS2 until you can get a better machine ?
lel I sold it hence why I am trying to play on pc XD anyways thanks for the help.
try my guide?
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