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Full Version: pcsx2 crashes
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I'm fairly new to the pcsx2 scene, i've gotten a couple games to work but none of them work that well. Of late i've been trying to run shadow of the colossus (SCUS-97472) and whenever i run it pcsx2 intitializes about 6 times and then stops with the message "wait gs init". What's worse is that it wont quit normaly, with the task manager or even through the command prompt. any ideas?
yup been there done that

i'm running gsdx 890 ssse3, lilypad and spu2-x 1.1.0 for sound
what are your pc specs, plugin settings and pcsx2 settings?
gsdx: windowed
no interlacing
native resolutution
160ms latency
i'm mounting the game via virtual clone cd-drrive and gigaherz cdvd

as for cpu setttings:
i'm on frame skip
MTGS enabled
EERec enabled
both VU0 and VU1 are enabled
no speed hacks enabled
try using Linuz Iso Cdvd to load the iso.
k i'll give that a shot
but first i need to do a restartGlare
k it's working fine now
i can't beleive i didn't think of that
but thx for the helpBiggrin