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Full Version: (NEW) I have Tekken 5 CD files but DON'T OPEN pcsx2 !
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My problem is still continuing but thread is closed cuz i didn't read forum rules sorry.

Look at my other thread i did explanation it ;

make 2nd topic after first 1 being closed for piracy isnt gona help you any...
Still the same issue man. You got the BIOS illegally, so you can't get any further support with this.
Isn't this PCSX2 site ? PCSX2 is ps 2 emulator for playable on pc.. right ? Which illegal ? My bios files or emulator ? I don't understand..

I just need help for my Tekken 5 DVD files how to open it ?
If you don't own a PS2(and you said you don't), you cannot legally use PCSX2.