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Full Version: cheats folder inaccessible?
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what can i do to fix this problem? I have seen a post about this issue but i dont know what is a SVN/binary thing...
Define: inaccessible

What do you mean exactly?
He's referring to this probably:

The Cheats folder ('C:\pcsx2\Pcsx2 GIT 1.3.0-648\cheats') is inaccessible. Skipping...
Not found Cheats file: C:\pcsx2\Pcsx2 GIT 1.3.0-648\cheats\053D2239.pnach

Just make a cheat folder in your pcsx2 directory. As far as I know it only happens if the folder isn't there.
My bet is PCSX2 is installed at C:\Program Files...
the cheat folder is already in the pcsx2 directory when it first happened and yes its in the C:\program files
Then you need to install it somewhere else, or try running with admin rights.
well the error message is no where to be found so ill try the cheat tnx for the advice guys