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Full Version: Game runs perfectly until character is moved
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I fixed a bunch of issues like the sounds sound like fuzzy crap but I can't seem to get around this one. The values of the bar on the top read out this before any input is detected http://puu.sh/eGWwx/312c9ae270.jpg
After the character is moved or input is detected it runs at less than 1 FPS and the values read this: http://puu.sh/eGWOL/dc58e43c60.jpg

My specs are in my signature, any help would be appreciated.
That's an extremely demanding game, and that CPU just isn't gonna run it at full speed.
Yeah, the hardware is limiting your performance. The best you could try is fiddling with the speedhacks and running at native res and, still you wouldn't have any major increase in performance. Try playing in your ps2 for now Wink