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Full Version: zane's mouse pad plugin conflict?
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hey guys im trying to use zane's mouspad plugin v 1.28 with disgaea 2. Being able to use the mouse works great for this type of game. I remember using it with pcsx2 v9.2 on my old laptop. Some things have changed since then im now using windows vista 64, my new laptop is better c2d p7450 2.16 ghz, nvidia 9600m gs 1gb vid ram, 4gb ram,

so heres the problem when i use lilypad it crashes pcsx2, when i use zane's plugin after i configure it, it brings up the config menu for lilypad, even after i remove the lilypad dll from plugins folder.
so only the sspx pad plugin works, but it doesnt have mouse support...

anyone have any ideas how i can get the mouse to work?
set both pad plugins to that zane plugin if you don't want lilypad to pop up. Smile
Or set both to LilyPad if you don't want LilyPad to crash. Two plugins trying to read the same devices = bad.
ok lilypad works now, zane's still doesnt (maybe some incompatibility between with v 9.6?)
but does lilypad give you the option to use the mouse in game?
yes (the "Mouse API" portion of the General tab)
ok so windows messaging is the option i should have checked for the mouse right? i guess im just having prolems configuring the mouse...any help cuz i can't get it to work...
well you could try with the "DirectInput" option first then go up if it doesn't work Smile