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Full Version: Pride of the Dragon Peace: Too slow
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Hi all,

I've been trying to get Pride of the Dragon Peace running, but it's incredibly slow. There's a video on Youtube which shows it running slow, but even after checking their settings, mine seems to be a lot slower than theirs is (to the point it's completely unplayable).

I'm using GSdx 5334 for the video input. I've attached my video settings. Any advice?
First of all, Don't follow any YouTube videos. Second, post your emulog to determine whether your hardware is capable of emulating games from pcsx2.
It seems to run all other games just fine, it's only this one that runs slow. I don't know anyone who has gotten this game to run at the actual speed, but even if I could play it at half the speed it would be better than nothing.
Please post your emulog and post a screenshot of all of your pcsx2 settings for suggesting better settings.