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Full Version: How to stop crackling sound?
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Well,I am almost ready to use the pcsx2, got good speed/fps, the problem is that annoying crackling sound, I tried tickering with the audio settings, but nothing works, please help, I'm so close to getting to a real playstation 2, I would use a real ps2, but the capture card is too expensive
At the SPU2-X settings try the followings:

- Different output modules (Direct sound, XAudio 2, etc).
- Increase latency (the audio will be slightly more "delayed").
- Change synchronization mode to async mix (it may hurt some games).
its not working, its always the same
What game?
dragon quest 8, it's only the BGM, everyth else is fine, Idk why this emu has to be like this
What are your PC specs?
Since we know your specs now, the same thing said here applies: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-How-does-...#pid437776

CPU is too slow, speedhacks are too high.
There on on one my posts
What settings do you use (maybe attach screenshots)?
Can you please post the full emulog after you observed this problem?

(02-26-2015, 11:19 PM)Ineedhelp Wrote: [ -> ]There on on one my posts

And you think blyss is going to read all of your posts to get your specs?

...Well he actually did...
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