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Full Version: linux tester required
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I need some volunteers to test a new implementation of GSdx-SW threads dispatcher.


I need some results on 2C/4C/6C/8C CPU Smile

Note: you can edit plugins/GSdx/GSThread_CXX11.h to change the behavior of the queue. IE replace
Got your PM. Will get started now.
Dragon Quest VIII on my G3258.
extra SW rendering threads : avg fps
0: 41.1
1: 39.9
2: 38.8
3: 37.5
and same results down to 16. No real slowdowns with lots of extra threads. But of course, I'm running dual-core so results may not be most accurate.

These results were based on WAIT_ON_GS_STILL_CPU_INTENSIVE
With default file of GSThread_CXX11.h I left the #define FULL_WAIT_LESS_CPU_INTENSIVE alone.
0: 42.8
1: 40.8
2: 40.2
3: 40.3
4: 39.9
16: 38.2

In both tests, MTVU decreases my fps by around 5%.
To add, with my former cpu (FX4300), MTVU still caused a loss of fps. Unlike when I used to be a Windows user, where MTVU was a good gain in fps, about 20% on EE limited games.
Thanks for the data. I was expecting worse behavior.
2C is clearly not enough for extra thread on SW renderer.

I need to check MTVU. The code replaces the n ring buffers between MTGS and extra threads. I'm curious of the impact to replace the 2 MTVU/MTGS-core ring buffer.

I need more data for 4c/6c cpu
(03-07-2015, 07:09 PM)gregory Wrote: [ -> ]I need more data for 4c/6c cpu

Not sure it's still relevant but I have a 4-core CPU and I'm up for testing whatever.