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Full Version: GTA Sanandreas runs fine but very dark textures
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Im running 1.2.1
Intel core i5 2500k 3.3 GHz
2gb msi twin frozer R7850
8gb ram
Gigabyte z77-d3h
game runs fine however textures and shadows are too dark to make out

[Image: 08463cf0cb.jpg]
[Image: ec9fec7e37.png]
[Image: ec9fec7e37.png]
[Image: ec9fec7e37.png]
[Image: ec9fec7e37.png]
[Image: a27ef8769c.png]
[Image: 9db18b68eb.png]
[Image: 6ffcb89ef3.png]
[Image: 62bde3e1b9.png]
You can use the shade boost to increase brightness.
Try diabling all the bells and whistles in the gfx-settings.
Also what kind of version are you using? Some fields under speedhacks are disabled/greyed out.... In the normal version I would not expect something like that.
Have you downloaded the program from somewhere else than this webpage (pcsx2.net)?
Also maxing speedhacks that are marked as 'not recommended' doesn't seem to me recommendable. Does the game feel a bit sluggish?
He has the main "Enable speedhacks" box top left unchecked. So that's why the greyed out ones, but it should grey them ALL out... I think.

Also he is using D3D9, change to D3D11.
yeah, everything should be greyed out when speed hacks is disabled. I suggest a clean installation of pcsx2 to figure out what's wrong. you can try the builds from here.