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Full Version: Shadow Hearts Covenant La Havre Battle Loading Issue
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Game runs smoothly up until the fight with the vigilante goons, in which it loads my characters and the battle field, the camera spins, music plays, and the enemies don't appear. I have found a post with the same issue on the forum from last year (http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Shadow-He...#pid370260) but none of the suggestions seem to work for me. Can someone help me out ?

I'm attaching my emulog if it helps.
You are using an old and unsupported version.
Please update.
you can get the latest stable build from here.
Switched to the newer build (1.2.1) and it's the same issue. One guy mentioned that it helped him when he switched clamping mode to normal, but those options are set for me as default, and it just doesn't work for me. The battle begins the same way, camera spins, characters load, music plays, enemies don't spawn so the fight doesn't start and it just keeps on spinning.
Are you using any non-default settings ?
Tried round mode to nearest ?
Disabling speedhacks ?
Using your original physical DVD instead of ISO ?
I havent switched any settings in the past(when i was using 1.0.0), all other titles that I played worked perfectly without any issues and i finished them all (FFX, Suikoden 5, Shadow Hearts, Valkyrie Profile 2, Lord of the rings third age).

Tried round mode nearest right now, still the same issue.
I don't recall ever using any speedhacks.
Unfortunatly my dvd drive is broken atm, so I can only play the game from the image I made before.

Any suggestions how I can takle this problem would be usefull. Could it be a problem with the dvd image itself (although I doubt it, cause I ripped the images from my original games before, and they worked perfectly)??

EDIT: K I misunderstood the speedhacks option, I thought It meant actual cheats, switched it off in options and the enemies spawned instantly. Thank you very much for the help.