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Full Version: Graphical Bugs :/
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Hey guys!

I thought its better to create a new Thread for this, if any Moderator dont agrees, pls close this.

I got several Graphic bugs at the Game Persona 3, like Shaking up and down, Polygones in my Textures, unsharp graphic etc.

And i wanted to know how to set Anti Aliasing in gsdx?

A picture of my graphic bugs is in the Attachement!

Best Regards, jeNova.
Shaking can generally be remedied by using a interlacing option (F5 to change modes).
The simplest way to increase the texture quality is to up the internal resolution which is configurable inside of the graphic plugins options.
Misc texture corruption and what not can be a problem in the core or in the graphics plugin itself, change from directx hardware to software and see if that fixes the problem; if not it's probably in the core.

Ok, now i fixed all except the Bugs in the Texture, in software mode its fixed, but isnt there any way to fix it in hardware mode too?

And is there a way to set Anti Aliasing in gsdx?

Best regards, jeNova.
(03-17-2009, 10:05 PM)jeNova- Wrote: [ -> ]And is there a way to set Anti Aliasing in gsdx?

Best regards, jeNova.

only in Windows XP you can force AA with nHancer if the internal resolution is set as the desktop resolution and you must be in fullscreen on the same resolution
at last that's how i remember it ^^ the internal resolution has almost the same effect if not the same ^^ so who cares about AA
hm okay, i see.

So is there a way to fix that Texture bugs? :/
hmm i don't have that .. try to set the clamping modes to full and extra+ (you do that in the advanced settings)

also if that does nothing to the bug try changing the texture filtering mode... (gsdx settings) are you using dx10?

if not check logarithmic Z (also in gsdx settings and should be checked for many games anyways.. or so I heard)
In other words.. mess with the settings. Common sense stuff Wink
Your tips dont help, but thanks anyway!

Im using DX9 and Windows XP btw!
Nobody knows help Sad
pcsx2 is far from perfect, if you want some proof, try playing Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven. there will be some odd-shaped polygons, there will be some shaking, all you can do it work with what you have inside the emu itself, mess with the settings and see what works for you. if nothing works, either deal with he impurities, or don't play the game, it gets no more simple than that..

here: have a look at tenchu: http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-4330.html
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