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Full Version: Best settings for Persona 4?
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I am sorry if these type of threads have been done to death as I suspect they probably have. The website TOS doesn't forbid these types of threads so I thought I would go ahead and ask.

Here are my specs:

I5 2500k @ 4.00GHz
2x 6970 Crossfire X

I am using the newest version of PCSX2 and can play using the disc or disc image whichever one is best.

playing through the image file is the best, it's faster that way. since, The data read speed of the HDD is way higher than a normal disc's.

So far, the newest version of PCSX2 along with the default settings seems to be working fine. I have the recommended hacks working and I am playing at 2X resolution. So far so good.

I just didn't want to get half way through the game and have something go wrong. So I thought I would ask just in case.
also, don't use Crossfire while playing pcsx2, It will slow down the games at most cases. since, PCSX2 hasn't implemented a way to use more than a single GPU.
Oh, great to know. I will kill the crossfire.