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Full Version: Silent Hill Shattered Memories - Not working
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Graphic is full of glitches, cut-scenes look distorted and tjere are soundproblems.Generaly UNPLAYABLE Angry

What's the perferct configuration to play this game?

With other PS2-Games, like RE Code Veronica, i have no problems....
press F9
Graphic and sound now ok, fps over 30. But Game is still slow !?!
if you don't reach 50 fps, game will be slow.
try setting extra rendering threads to 3.
But it's possible your current rig may be too weak for this game in software mode.
FPS drops between 30 an 45, not really playable Sad
Just as I said.
Your rig's not powerful enough.
(04-04-2015, 03:25 PM)nedope Wrote: [ -> ]FPS drops between 30 an 45, not really playable Sad
care to provide your hardware specs // Found it on the other thread
regardless of that, providing your EE and GS values during slowdowns might help but, don't get your hopes up high. it might still be a hardware limit.