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Full Version: [Question]Xenosaga 3
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Anyone that has played this game are the fmvs ( at least a few ) messed up ? at least on gsdx dx10 not using native res ( didnt tested with native , neither tested with zerogs ) some fmvs appear all messed up.

its "working as intended" or its my cd that is fracked up ? ( got on iso and cd but both give me the same prob )
I have and tryied this game, best to use gsdx.0.1.7 or gsdx.0.1.6 and directx.10.
Yes but my question is related to the FMV that arent "viewable" its like when you reset a gamestation and you watch some pixels blinking

Using the following plugins

Gsdx rev 730 ( or since 860 Tongue ) dx 10 with internal res of 1440x900 no gamespeed hacks
Spu2-x 1.1.0

i have 60fps normal , except on 2-3 particular places that goes to 30 but nothing major , my problem is on certain fmvs ( like at start , before the testament scenes and then once in a while i keep getting it on certain fmvs and well later on certain spells like the start of the spell )

I dont try zerogs because ( my opinion ) it sucks on my 260gtx Tongue sloopy graphics and slow gameplay
problem kinda f"ixed" , it seems that on gsdx software mode i can see those fmvs barely but better than what i was seeing


Gsdx Hardware ( dx9 and dx10 )
[Image: gsdx20090318102507.th.jpg]

btw Zerogs gives me the same error

now for

Gsdx Software

[Image: gsdx20090318102056.th.jpg]


[Image: gsdx20090318102035.th.jpg]

sometimes on Hardware i can see certain parts but the center is like the 1st picture

this on Xenosaga 3 NTSC

btw this is a working fmv using hardware

[Image: gsdx20090318103238.th.jpg]

like i said its like 50% of errors on fmvs if i check the memory viewer to recall fmvs in game
well i did went to gsdx 1.6 and 1.7 and rewatched the fmvs , not perfect but it was "viewable" and yes it seems it's a gsdx/zerogs problem :/