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Full Version: Auto-Save. Is it possible?
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I'd like to use a feature where my game is automatically saved every 5 min or so. Just played an RPG and my progress was lost after 6h of play when the video plugin crashed.

If not, does anybody know of a little utility that would let me make it press a certain designated key every 5 min?

Thanks a bunch! Smile
unless it's a In-Game feature, I'm not sure of any way. just press F1 once in every 5min to do it the manual way.

Found a utility to do that.

ahh, I see. that's a good alternative, Good luck on using it with PCSX2. hope it doesn't change the priority to the autokey presser itself while, executing the command according to the specified Interval. If, it does do that way then, it will become troublesome Tongue2