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Full Version: pcsx2 faster on 64bit OS?
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My friend is running pcsx2 on a Intel Celeron 1007U base Netbook with 2gigs of ram and Windows 7 32bit.
It suprisingly runs average games like FFX or KH pretty well and gets full speed most of the time, but drops in more graphic intense scenes.
I was wondering if a 64bit OS could squeeze a few more fps out? has someone tested this and already know?
It wouldn't really offer any performance boost on 64bit since, pcsx2 isn't optimized to use any 64 bit features . FF series are very low demanding, it is no surprise that he can play it well.
yeah, it won't do anything
ok guess then we will keep 32bit on it. The performance is fairly decent for such a small device that was around 150EUR used.
You wouldn't get similar performance on other demanding games. You should be happy that the FF series are fairly easy to emulate. Tongue2
I already know that, Shadow of the Collossus, just saying.
Even my i5-2500k struggles with that.
Any other questions ?