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Full Version: FPS Issues
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Hey, guys! I have a quick question! I have been able to successfully install PCSX2 and configure it. I can open up an image and it starts out fine, but then it drops to under 10 FPS. Is there anything I should change in order to get it to run properly? I have a 2GB GPU and the game I am trying to run is Hitman: Blood Money.

Thanks in advance! :-)

- Alex
What're your full specs?
please post your emulog and also provide a screenshot of your Gsdx plugin settings and speedhacks section settings.
Yeah specs could be really useful
(04-15-2015, 05:15 PM)Marge Simpson Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah specs could be really useful

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Please refrain from posting if you don't have anything new to add.
Repeating what has been previously said will just pollute the thread, thus just prevent the op from gettingba straightforward solution.
Thanks in advance
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